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martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Creating Value For Your Client

A Client is Whoever acquires or gets your good or service, anywhere, any time, by any means.
The Client is the purpose of any organization. As Tom Peters points out: 
"An Organization Is People Serving People. ( Period!)"
In other words: In the end, the very purpose of any organization/department is to serve the client, providing value and satisfying – even exceeding – his/her expectations.
(Remember: Value = the amount the client is willing to pay for a good or service, which should – obviously –  exceed what is really being paid.)
i.o.w.: The value of your service depends on its impact on your client’s goals, needs, results... 
Have you asked your clients how much they are willing to pay for your service lately?
How much are you worth to THEM?
Are you VALUABLE for THEM?

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